Malakoff Kowalski / Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne
Malakoff Kowalski-Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne

Malakoff Kowalski - Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne

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Malakoff Kowalski Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne
Descripción y letras
"Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne" // 3rd Single From the Album "My First Piano" // Streaming, Vinyl & CD: // Release: April 6, 2018

Excerpt From the Album Liner Notes: "I originally wrote this piece for Lisa Langseth's film 'Euphoria'—a drama starring Alicia Vikander, Eva Green and Charlotte Rampling. I was surprised by how light and easy the piece felt and soon noticed that the album still needed this sort of shade in it. I ended up recording a different selection for the final film version. Also very light. Also just piano. A bit faster. Almost a tango. No good for 'My First Piano' though."

Composed & performed by Malakoff Kowalski

Video by Luzie Loose & Paul Nungeßer
Edited by Julija Goyd

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