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Today's shokunin spotlight is Takeda Senko, a Nagoya family crest black kimono dyeing facility. Of course, they dye colored kimono and other items as well!

Many thanks to them for letting us film inside their factory!! We actually recorded this over a year ago, and also have a couple other shokunin videos to finish editing as well before we start interviewing new shokunin. Unfortunately the editing takes us a LONG time to finish by ourselves, hence the super long wait... ^^;; Hopefully the others will be up more quickly!

Shokunin (職人) is the Japanese word for craftsman or craftswoman. These are the men and women who preserve Japan’s traditional legacy of hand-crafting products including swords, drums, fans, pottery and more. Many shokunin use crafting methods that have been passed down for hundreds of years, sometimes within a single family. But because most things can be mass-produced these days, shokunin, and their skills, are disappearing. So, we want to help protect Japan’s historical arts by spreading awareness and broadening their market within Japan and overseas!

You can support Japan's shokunin by spreading awareness of their crafts, (and of course purchasing them, if you want!) Although, most shokunin don't have websites that ship overseas. You may unexpectedly stumble upon a shokunin's workshop when you're in Japan, so don't hesitate to drop in! Every craftman/woman and artisan we've met so far has been incredibly kind and happy to show us around!

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