Subshock & Evangelos & DJ Nano-Firetruck

Subshock & Evangelos & DJ Nano - Firetruck

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Subshock & Evangelos x Dj Nano - Firetruck
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Premiere alert! Subshock & Evangelos team up with DJ Nano for one of the heaviest Bass House tracks to date called "Firetruck". Guess that comes in handy, since this track will burn your house down.

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Bass House can be considered the music style from artists such as Jauz, Ephwurd, JOYRYDE, Autoerotique and more. There is no typical Bass House sound, it's just music with a lot of Bass sounds. However, nowadays it's often described as a combination between House and Dubstep sounds, such as the typical "wobble". If you're a bass addict, you'll surely love this genre!

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