Fikir Amlak & King Alpha-Addis Ababa

Fikir Amlak & King Alpha - Addis Ababa

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Descripción y letras
From the album AXUM, available on CD and high quality download here:

Addis Ababa
New flower
You new flower
Is Addis Ababa

Built by His Majesty
Emperor Menilek number 2
And his wife Empress Taitu
From Ankober to Entoto
Capital of Shewa it did go
But there was no wood
No water

Until they found that mineral spring
Down in the Valley of Filwoha
Where the royal and nobility love to be
Everyone start come around
Menilek built up the palace grounds
Plenty eucalyptus trees
So green

It was His Majesty
Emperor Haile I Selassie I the First
Re-established Jah kingdom
Headquarters of the OAU
And the African Union
Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches too
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