Down And Outs / All in this Together
Down And Outs-All in this Together

Down And Outs - All in this Together

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Down And Outs All in this Together
Descripción y letras
If those with the broadest shoulders, they beare the greatest weight
Why are the weakest of us left to sit around and contemplate
While they're walking to a foodbank, cos they've been sanctioned for a month
While the MPs never empty cos he's subsidised for his own lunch

If we're all in this thing together
Why are we the only ones who are hurting?

So keep the scroungers on the telly to fill our attention span
So we don't question the bollocks of their long term economic plan
When the haves become the have-nots is when the penny drops
When a Tory's in a job centre, the irony is never lost

Let's hear them try to explain why we're the only ones who have to change
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