Porter Wagoner / The Rubber Room
Porter Wagoner-The Rubber Room

Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room

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Porter Wagoner The Rubber Room
Descripción y letras
1972's echo-heavy cult classic, The Rubber Room

The legendary guitarist Chet Atkins, who ran RCA's Nashville division for many of the years Wagoner recorded there, encouraged the singer's dark side. "When I wrote The Rubber Room, he just flipped out," Wagoner recalls. He said, 'Country people won't like it, but there'll be a rock group (doing) that one day, and it'll be a giant song.' He said, 'There's a great market for that kind of stuff. If you don't have a market here, believe me, there will be one day.' And here we are. We've arrived." (USA Today, 2007)
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