Angela / I Was Born To Love You
Angela-I Was Born To Love You

Angela - I Was Born To Love You

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Angela I Was Born To Love You
Descripción y letras
1. You've Got a Friend
2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
3. In My Life
4. Fields of Gold
5. First of May
6. Skyline Pigeon
7. Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Annie's Song
9. Breaking Us in Two
10.Fire & Rain
11.Englishman in New York
12.Every Breath You Take
13.One on One
14.If I Keep My Heart out of Sight
16.Love of My Life
17.That's Why You Go Away
18.The Power of Love
19.Too Much Love Will Kill You
20.Paint of Love
21.Whatever We Imagine
22.I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song
24.You Took My Heart Away
25.Remember Me This Way
26.I Was Born to Love You
27.Tonight I Give In
28.Will You Still Love Me
29.Out of the Blue
30.I Will Always Love You

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