Zebra / Isn't That the Way
Zebra-Isn't That the Way

Zebra - Isn't That the Way

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Zebra Isn't That the Way
Descripción y letras
This is all filmed from the left SIDE of my tank, since that's where my loaches spend most of their time.

My Clown Loaches are being their cute happy selves with my Red Zebra in a small, long temporary storage tank. After my big tank leaked and I got rid of almost all of my cichlids, I bought the juvenile loaches, juvenile Frontosas and left the Red Zebra and my Pleco, in this tank.

The loaches swim as a school often and play 'follow the leader.' per se, and swim gaily all around the tank. Of course once I put the camera on them, they toned down their excitement, but it's still there. After a while, in the video, I decided to feed them, so you can watch the way they eat. I feed all of my fish 1-3 times a day (varying sizes depending upon how many times I plan to feed them that day). I feed them flakes made to bring their color out (and it sure does), and sometimes cycle tap water into the tank and overfeed so snails grow, because loaches and cichlids enjoy eating snails too.

I also recently switched my tank to black sand instead of natural colored gravel and boy is it glorious looking, as you can see. Conan (the Red Zebra) isn't used to it yet, but is figuring out ways to continue his digging.

Artist: Ludwig van Beethoven
Album: Beethoven Piano Concertos Disc 1
Title: 03 Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15_ Rondo, Allegro scherzando
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