Ahmet Mecnun & Pie / On the Road (Unus Emre Remix)
Ahmet Mecnun & Pie-On the Road (Unus Emre Remix)

Ahmet Mecnun & Pie - On the Road (Unus Emre Remix)

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Ahmet Mecnun & Pie On the Road (Unus Emre Remix)
Descripción y letras
DeepClass Records presents "On The Road EP" by Ahmet Mecnun & Pie. They bring us a quality package which includes one original track and several remixes of deep, bouncy beginning-the-night house in the On The Road EP. The EP contains 2 remixes by Unus Emre (the Both Trax label owner) and MarcSoul. All of the tracks have loads of positive vibes,and there is a mellow, relaxing atmosphere to the tunes. It is a great sound that should be included in the collections of all contemporary deep house.

Giom (Lost My Dog / Large Music) - Marcsoul mix for me
Nick Chatelain - great job, support
Luciano (Cadenza) - Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano
Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax, Lost My Dog) - More q uality from Deep Class! Original and MarcSoul remix are my fav - Cheers!
Da Sunlounge - nice vibes.. Marcsoul Remix for me
Sunshine Jones (D ubtribe, Treehouse Muzique, King Street, Cosmic Disco, Sunday S) -original mix sounds like a long night drive... thank you
Oriol Calvo (Privilege Ibiza) - great!! Marcsoul is for me
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City) - support as always
Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings) - Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !
FaFa Monteco (Limonada, LouLou Records) - Cool Ep
LondonGround (iRecords, Save Room Recordings, DeepClass Records.) - Thanks! ;)
UM / UM Records (Deepvibes.co.uk / Westradio.gr / eNation.fm / DiscothequeRadio) - Original and MarcSoul remix really good sounds - will feature on UM soon!
Fog (Brise/Apparel/Metroline Limited) - Unus Emre remix for me here,will work fine as a warmer.thnx
Markus Schulz - Thank you. Downloading for Markus.
Alex Kentucky ((ibizaglobal, adult music)) - NICE RELEASE.. MARCSOUL WILL BE IN MY NEXT RADIO SHOW FOR SURE.. THANKS.
BERNY (Save Room Records / Nightbird Music / Soulstar / Seamless) - Wow love it, i'll play Original!
Bruno From Ibiza - cool deep sounds
Wally Stryk - so cool EP !
Edmund (I Records, Large Music) - Unus Remix is sounding fresh with a very nice built on patterns
babak shayan - nice release :-)
Jevne (OneThirty Rec) - going with the Marcsoul remix here thanks,
Marques Wyatt - Nice I dig the orig mix
Krummstoff (Low Flow Records) - Unus Emre remix might be useful, tnx!
DJ Jes (fresca recordings) - I'm really feelin this track,very organic and I love that breakdown with the interview.thanks for sharing (:
MR V (M4T, SOLE CHANNEL MUSIC) - The whole release is dope to me!, The original mix stood out but all in all it's a hot deep release!. Got my push!
Two Faces - Excellent release, thanks!!
Santi Garcia - Great the Unus and MarcSoul Remix, Thanks :)
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Flow, Elevation) - good set of mixes , support
Angelo Ferreri ((Material)) - MarcSoul for me. I will play. Thanks for promo.
Javi Bora (Robsoul,2020Vision,Liebe Detail) - quality! Original mix is a great piece. Will play it.
The disclosure project - Original works best for me here guys, thanks for sending might use this somewhere.
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings, i Records, Acryl Music...) - Good all-around-release. Thanks!
Rishi K. (i Records, Seta Label..) - Great stuff again Marcsoul for me this time thanks!!
Deep Mariano (GET SLOW) - MarcSoul mix is the one here! Will play it

miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - Great stuff here. Support always to Deepclass. Gracias
Matthew Hade (Billboard Magazine) - Unes Emre mix is sounding nice! Full support.
Will Web (Billboard) - nice set of mixes
John P. (westradio.gr) - great release! will play on west radio! thanks
DJ1 Magazine Spain - Unus Emre Remix is the best! Thanks!!
BIG FABIO [NjoyMusik] - Thanks!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta / AMDJS Radio Show - Quality stuff from DeepClass again.
Tautvydas L. (DanceBox) - Full Support this EP!
Gustavo Lopez - Gracias!!!
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) - yesssssssssssssssssssss
Dino Michael - Everytime I get a promo from Deepclass Records I know its a quality kicka ss release! Full support on my shows and in the clubs! The original is rocking!
Ibiza Soulstice Music - love it;)
Dj Dave Carden (Kiss FM / Various Radio) - Lovely release, Original and Marcsoul for me.
Marc Osta (Only Underground (Radio Show)) - All of them are hight quality waves... Original mix for me...
UruMusicArt(Shamkara Club Radio Show) - Great release! MarcSoul rmx for me! thanks

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.beatport.com/release/on-the-road-ep/1074404
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