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The Hub-Wave Junction

THE HUB - Wave Junction

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The Hub Wave Junction

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Add to the home automation setup of your dreams with simple pieces like the IRIS plug and the Samsung Smart Hub. In this film, Trev shows us how to add Zigbee and Z-wave compatible device to his setup.

Get the parts you need:
IRIS Smart Plug:
Smart Things Hub:
Smart Things Plug:
RIB Relay:
Junction box:


Get some of the other stuff I think everyone should have on their desk:
iFixit 64-bit set:
Non-magnetic tweezers:
My awesome wirestrippers:
Hakko FX888DSoldering Station:
Quad Helping Hand:
Glue gun (that will burn me):
Hot Air gun:
My computer:
The C920 Webcam:
The HD Capture card:
Get the AT2020 mic here:
Get the Focusrite 2i2 amp:
5 port Vodool charger:
My drawers:
The monitor and keyboard stand:
Command strips Velcro:
Get my desk:
Discover lots of Mechanical Keyboard goodness here:


Check out my other Mechanical Keyboard videos:
Programmable Keyboards:
Crap Bag review:
How to change keycaps:
Clean your keyboard:
Adding GON's feet to a JD40:


If you haven't checked out my channel before lots of fun electronics stuff.
Watch some of my most popular videos: (it's YouTube, just a bitly link)


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