Marina and the Kats / Paradise City
Marina and the Kats-Paradise City

Marina and the Kats - Paradise City

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Marina and the Kats Paradise City

Descripción y letras
MUSICIANS: Marina Zettl - Vocals & Snare Drum, Herb Berger & Milos Milojevic - Clarinet, Thomas Mauerhofer - Guitar, Jörg Haberl - Bass & Bass Drum
DANCERS: Melanie Schöneweiß, Clara Montocchio, Hanna Löwenherz, Stefan Schmeiser & Bahman Dehnadi
THANKS TO: Ernst Miller - Lurf & Miller OG, Antonia Renner, Simon L.Mrugalla, Harald Milchrahm, Sandra Hartbach & Balboa Baby

VIDEO EDITING: Thomas Mauerhofer
PRODUCED & DIRECTED: Gregor Schenker
Debut album SMALL (2015 O-Tone Music)

First you said you are my friend and I was proud to be
I told you all my crazy plans and who is keen on me
We hung around in shady bars till the night turned into day
We were so close, oh my dear – But then you changed your way

You asked me girl: "Who do you wanna be?"
You promised not to tell
So I talked about my secret fears
but now I can't believe my ears

You talk dirty, you talk dirty
You talk dirty behind my back
You talk dirty, you talk dirty
But now I´m gonna break your neck

You talked about a hundred dates and who belongs to the past
Well aren´t you just playing games that never gonna last
And when I showed you around the town you met the folks I know
Who would have thought you phony Bitch – are up to steal my show

I asked you Girl: "Who do you wanna be?"
You did not really tell
Being friends for all these yearse
now I can't believe my ears
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