Nostalgie 90.4 FM

Francia Francia, Île-de-France, París 90.4 FM

Nostalgie est une radio créée en 1983 qui possède une vingtaine d'antennes locales et également un bouquet d'une trentaine de webradios. Elle diffuse essentiellement des morceaux de chanson française des années 70 et 80.

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invitado 07.10.2019 23:49

Hello friends, We have a FREE fun high energy weekly Show we would like to offer you. It's hosted by myself, a 25 year radio vet, and my girlfriend published author Patricia Garber. The show is called "Blue Suede Connection" and is focused around the music of Elvis Presley. Each week is a different theme aka Beach Party, Sock Hop, Alternate Takes, Movie Fun ETC. We're currently syndicated in 5 countries and over 50 stations. The world still loves Elvis. If you would like to learn more about us and hear a sample of the show, please send me a email address and I will get it to you. Thank you so much for your time and hope to chat with you soon. Dan Hawthorne #240-500-6757



NOSTALGIE 22 rue Boileau 75016 Paris FRANCE 313 664 8338


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