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KLNZ La Tricolor

KLNZ La Tricolor 103.5 FM

Estados Unidos Estados Unidos, Arizona, Phoenix 103.5 FM

Regional Mexican, El Show de Erazno y La chokolata, El Show mas chido, Puras pesadas, Puros Trancazos, El Recalentado, La Plebe, La Tricolor, El Show de Piolin, corridos, banda, norteño, narco corridos, chido

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invitado 28.11.2018 08:46

Today, Tuesday November 27, 2018 my Wife was listening to the Erazno y Chokolata program. When the Santa Claus Segment come on she called in so our three year old Granddaughter could talk to Santa Claus. She was able to get through, so she put our Granddaughter on to talk to Edwin the call screener. Edwin the call screener asked our Granddaughter one question, and she answered it. She told him about our Christmas Tree, and ligjts, and our Two Chihuahuas. He asked her how she was, using Como Estas. She handed her Grandmother the phone, then Edwin told my wife our Granddaughter had to be four, and up, and speak Spanish. There has not been any mention at all about having to be at least four years old, and having to speak Spanish. MY WIFE WHO IS MEXICAN - AMERICAN REALLY ENJOYED THAT PROGRAM AND YOUR RADIO STATION. NOW DURING THAT TIME, SHE'LL BE LISTENING TO A DIFFERENT RADIO STATION, AND MAYBE A DIFFERENT RADIO STATION COMPLETELY. RICK JOHNSON 15425 N 25TH ST #126 PHOENIX, AZ 85032 602-601-4801 HOME 602-599-3313 CELL


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