Estados Unidos / New Jersey / WPRB (Princeton)
WPRB (Princeton)

WPRB (Princeton) 103.3 FM

Estados Unidos Estados Unidos, New Jersey 103.3 FM

WPRB is a commercial, non-profit radio station located in scenic Princeton, New Jersey. Operated by the students of Princeton University, WPRB offers the widest selection of music on the radio today; from the heart of Classical music composition, through the spectrum and crossroads of Jazz and into the best in Alternative and Indie Rock. We even have the longest running folk show in the state. During the academic year, WPRB also offers live sports broadcasts. WPRB's broadcast range stretches from the outskirts of New York, NY through Philadelphia, PA and into Wilmington, DE which, combined with 14,000 watts of stereo power, makes us one of the world's strongest college radio stations. This is an advantage not only for our listeners, but also for advertisers who wish to take advantage of both our wide-ranging, eclectic audience and the 15,000 square miles of coverage.



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