Sphera & Egorythmia-Beat Time

Sphera & Egorythmia - Beat Time

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Sphera & Egorythmia - Beat Time(Original Mix)
Vini Vici are one of the newly signed Iboga Records artists. They are also known for the project Sesto Sento. Here they give us an exclusive compilation they compiled full of amazing music from friends they worked with the past years. This compilation is a taster before the coming VINI VICI album releasing on Iboga Records later in 2014.

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Vini Vici - Best of Our Sets Vol. 12 - Iboga Records, 2014

1. Vini Vici & Pixel - Anything & Everything (Original Mix)
2. Major7 & Sub6 - Sub7 (DaVinci Code Remix)
3. Ritmo - The Way We Are (Vini Vici Remix)
4. Timelock & Berg - Drift (Original Mix)
5. Vini Vici - Expender (Royal Flush Remix)
6. Major7 & Big Brother - Retrig (Original Mix)
7. Vertical Mode - Gain On (Original Mix)
8. Rinkadink - Delta State (Original Mix)
9. D-Addiction & Krunch - Your Brain (Original Mix)
10. Riktam & Bansi - On the Floor (Original Mix)
11. Skipper & Jacob & 8th Sin - Next Level (Original Mix)
12. Sphera & Egorythmia - Beat Time (Original Mix)
13. Ace Ventura - Serenity Now (Mr.What? Remix)
14. Nitrodrop - Architect (Original)
15. Funk Trunk - Speak in Silence (Original Mix)

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