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Button Eyes-A Fever

Button Eyes - A Fever

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Lead Vocals by Rag'n'Bone Man. Buy on itunes:

Music produced and mixed by Lewis Lindgren.

Video Directed by Richard Paris Wilson.

Music by.....

Rag N Bone Man - Vocals
Gemma L Williams - Vocals
Laurence Collyer - Guitar
Hattie Snooks - Vocals
Will Calderbank - Cello, piano
Ross Lindgren - Vocals
Ben Gregory - Vocals
Joe Clark - Synth
Lewis Lindgren - Drums, bass, synths, organ, ukulele, vocals

Mastered by Win Stanley.

Writer, Director and Co-Producer - Richard Paris Wilson
Producers - Lewis Lindgren and Ross Lindgren
Director of Photography - Carl Burke
Production Company - We Are Cowboys
First AD - Riccardo Servini
Editor - Riccardo Servini
Grade - Richard Paris Wilson
Gaffer - Lauren Baldoni
Focus Puller - Benn Peacock
Production Designer - Amie English
Art Director - Alice Horton
2nd AD - Halo Jones
Costume - Mariko Tokyo
Costume Assistant - Lilly Sells
Makeup - Lianna Weidle
Makeup Assistant - Sophie Venes
Child Chaperone - Samia Tossio & Karen Halil
Production Assistant - Sam Marino
Production Assistant - Nathan Wyatt
Behind the Scenes - Yahya Tossio
Special FX - We Are Cowboys (Tommy Nagle and Richard Paris Wilson)
Associate Producer - L Lord

Mia (the Young Girl) - Esa Halil
The Dying Man - Jason Rhodes
The Wife - Blazena Kovalikova
The Son - Ben Roberts
The Protector - Freddie Merrydown
The Bearded Lady - Tabitha Munday
The Magician - Brian Stewart
The Tarot Card Reader - Samia Tossio
The Bellydancer - Ruth Lawrence
The Showgirl - Gemma Louise Thompson
The Boy at the End - Issac Tossio
The Girl at the End - Willow Saville-Hippely
The Handsome Man - Alexander Beautmont
Gypsy Extra 1 - Stephanie Roebuck
Gypsy Extra 2 - Karl Lansley
Gypsy Extra 3 - Danny O
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