Atlanta Rhythm Section-Doraville

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Doraville

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Third Annual Pipe Dream
The 10 songs on this album, including 8 written by Buddy Buie in conjunction with other band members, show ARS to have become both tighter in their playing and more polished in their song presentation. The band's pop oriented songwriting and diverse musical stylings-characteristics that would distinguish them from the rest of Southern Rock-are displayed to great effect and show a band coming into their own. The album opens with Doraville, their first regional hit that's a rocking tribute to the town where Studio One was located. Blues In Maude's Flat is an instrumental that shows off the group's musical skills to fine effect. The song Angel (What in the World's Come Over Us) showcases the band's ability to mix tempos and styles in a longer piece with outstanding musicianship.

Track listing

"Doraville" (Buie, Nix, Bailey) -- 3:28
"Jesus Hearted People" (Buie, Nix, Bailey) -- 3:48
"Close the Door" (Hammond, Goddard) -- 3:22
"Blues in Maude's Flat" (Green) -- 3:47
"Join the Race" (Fristo) -- 3:57
"Angel (What in the World's Come over Us)" (Buie, Nix, Bailey) -- 5:10
"Get Your Head Out of Your Heart" (Nix, Hammond) -- 2:28
"The War Is Over" (Cobb, Bailey) -- 2:00
"Help Yourself" (Buie, Cobb, Nix) -- 2:54
"Who You Gonna Run To" (Buie, Cobb, Nix) -- 3:18


Barry Bailey - guitar
J.R. Cobb - guitar, background vocals
Dean Daughtry - keyboards
Paul Goddard - bass
Ronnie Hammond - vocals, background vocals
Michael Huey - conductor
Hugh Jarrett - vocals
Mylon LeFevre - vocals
Robert Nix - percussion, drums, background vocals


Producer: Buddy Buie
Engineer: Rodney Mills
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