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Pages Let It Go
From their 1978 self-titled debut album, Pages. Written by Richard Page, Steve George, & John Lang.

Produced by Bobby Colomby
In Association with Michael Verdick & Pages
Engineer : Michael Verdick
Second Engineer : Scott Singer
Horns recorded by Don Puluse; CBS Recording Studios, Studio B, New York, New York
Mixed by Michael Verdick at A&M Studios, Mix #1, Hollywood, California
Mastered by Steve Guy, Location Recording Service, Burbank, California
Recorded at Location Recording Service Burbank, California; Heiders/Filmways Studio, Hollywood, California; Sound City Studio A, Van Nuys, California; CBS Recording Studios, Studio B, New York, New York; Larrabee Sound, Hollywood, California & A&M Studios, Mix #1, Hollywood, California
Production Coordinator : Cindy Romero
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Dave Grusin
Horns Arrangements : "Listen For The Love" by Randy Brecker & "Clearly Kim" by Tom Malone & Bobby Colomby

Pages :

Richard Page
Steve George
Russ Battelene
Peter Leinheiser
Jerry Manfredi

Richard Page : Guitar Solo & Background vocals
Steve George : Lead & Background vocals, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CD80 Synthesizer & Mini-Moog (Solo)
Peter Leinheiser : Guitar
Jerry Manfredi : Bass
Russ Battelene : Drums
Bobby Colomby : Background vocals
Claudio Slon : Percussion
Lani Groves : Vocals
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