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5TimesZero - Frozen

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TimesZero - the debut-album ØK
23th of July 2015. It is in the middle of July, when work begins for “at point zero starters” 5TimesZero. A fascinating journey having it’s kickoff with the light weighted Zero Gravity-EP now taking for a stopover at the 10.03.2017 for their debut-album ØK (Zero Kelvin)
A journey to the absolute zero of the soul, to 14 songs, which - like the Metrostations in Paris or London – are shaped and illuminated differently.
The first Station (you can smell tar, see black & white tiling, neon light) is named „Unimportant“, which makes the burden of ‘freedom of choice’ a subject of discussion, followed by „Don’t Push Me“ (construction site, claustrophobic, flickering light), quite in contrast to the next stop, „Art Of Living“, which combines golden splendor with cold and black granite. At stopping place 4 und 5 („Naked“ and „Instrument“ you can daydream pole dance poles und literally girls as musical instruments. At Stop Nr. 6, „Pyromanic“, it’ll get pretty hot for 3:47, followed by a polar station: „Frozen“.
Next comes a museum station with pictures of Kurt Tucholsky: „Augen der Großstadt“, as the wild ride continues with station Nr. 9: „Empty Floor“, who is filled with the driving beats of street-musicians, but no one dances.
We close our eyes for the next 12 minutes and concentrate on the versatile voice of train driver A.S. „State of Being“, „Higher Smile“, followed by the hypnotic and guruesque „My Side“, sung by train driver number 2, sitting on the same height of the 00000-train, M.H.
The penultimate stop raises the question „Can I Balize You?“ and makes you glad, that you are entering the last and 14th stop “Paths”, that thankfully decelerates the ride, coming with a bright light and big blue skies, so that the wrench of farewell doesn’t hurt too much, as you slowly arrive at reality grounds.
With „ØK“ – spelled Zero Kay - 5TimesZero managed to offer a hell of a ride, which will be not easily forgotten. A journey from station to station, that immediately makes you want to start right from the beginning again.
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