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The 11th Hour-Rain On Me

The 11th Hour - Rain On Me

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The 11th Hour Rain On Me

Band: The 11th Hour
Album: Lacrima Mortis
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Death/Doom Metal


I wait for your return
As all my bridges burn
The storm that builds inside
Can't hold the turning tide
So rain on me

I'm washed up on the shore
Of grief forevermore
The tears that burn my eyes
As hope within me dies
Come rain on me

Pray for deliverance
and your swift return from beyond

Trade my innocence
to retrieve your soul from the flames

Rain down your tears... on me

Damn my solitude
without your presence all is void

Died here as I stood
and watched the life drain from your eyes

Rain down your tears... on me

Drenched in cleansing rain I'm
poised upon the summit
As the raging sea pounds the rocks below
The waves seem determined to
crush what's left of my spirit
If I sacrifice my body to the elements
Please salvage her soul

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