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Sadistik-Ashes to Ashley (feat. Mac Lethal)

Sadistik - Ashes to Ashley (feat. Mac Lethal)

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Sadistik Ashes to Ashley (feat. Mac Lethal)

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------------Number17TV's channel------------
Artist: Sadistik(feat. Mac Lethal)
Song name: Ashes to Ashley
Album: The Balancing Act
Year: 2008
Lyrics download(pdf):
- Sadistik: His real name is Cody, and is currently 25 years old. Sadistik lives in Seattle, Washington. Making music for a living is one thing, but he also describes himself as a "student of the art and media" that surrounds him. Sadistik describes himself personally as a Taurus. I will describe him as a heartbroken, but great poet with an amazing vocabulary. I think that his songs stand behind my statement.
- Mac Lethal: His real name is David, and he comes from Kansas City, Missouri. He is of irish descent and have been active as a rapper from 1998. Apart from being a rapper, he is also a producer and a radio host. The theme in most of his songs is love, and they(the songs) are, compared to Sadistik, more "happy" in my opinion.

------------My favourite lyric------------
" The winter is full of bitter, ashy, black blizzards. And when the superstition delivered, and it came down the chimney, they found her in the fire place, with me. Ashes to Ashley "
- Mac Lethal

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