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Blonker - September

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Blonker September

Blonker – Journey To The Windward Islands
Electronic, Rock
New Age
Take Off 4:12
Oriental Circuit 4:41
Anchorage 6:39
Journey To The Windward Islands 5:24
September 5:59
Magic Carpet 5:27
I'm A Capricorn 2:54
Once In A Blue Moon 3:18
Summerlightning 3:36
Woman's Reason 3:56

Electric Piano – Marcus Kuczewski (tracks: 6)
Trumpet – Jürgen Wiegand (tracks: 1)
All songs written and produced by Dieter Geike.
All instruments played by Dieter Geike.
Additional trumpet on "Take Off" by Jürgen Wiegand; additional electric piano on "Magic Carpet" by Marcus Kuczewski

In the face of digitailzed and computerized music technology the old guitar has had a remarkable rennaissance in the popular music. And whenever the great guitar-instrumentals in the history of European popular music are discussed, the name and one track must be mentioned: Blonker and "Indigo".
In the late Seventies the young group from Hamburg surprised the wolrd with that laidback, gently melancholic piece titled "Indigo". Without a big promotion campaign "Indigo" became massive airplay and was soon considered a classic of this genre.
In 1979 Blonker turned from a regular group into a one-man-project. Dieter Geike, the man, who had written "Indogo"and defined the sound of the band with his immaculate guitar playing, carried on alone and started a quiet, but impressive solo career. Since the cretaion of the gem "Indigo", Geike alias Blonker has further developed and refined his vision of beautiful, timeless, melodic instrumental guitar music on a series of gighly acclaimed and successful albums.
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