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Erutan-Dame Ne Regardez Pas

Erutan - Dame Ne Regardez Pas

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Erutan Dame Ne Regardez Pas

This is a track from my Celtic/Medieval album, The Court of Leaves. I thought I would film a little video for it :)
The instruments are a vielle (medieval fiddle with gut strings), a gothic harp, and a lute.

The piece is originally for two vocalists, but works as a delicate instrumental just as well :) It was written by Guillaume de Machaut, a 14th century poet and composer. I love this melody!

We filmed the video in 30ºF weather, at a ruin about two hours from Charleston. We thought it would be nice and deserted like always, but suddenly the ruin was VERY popular, and a whole biker gang decided to visit at one point! Luckily, we had one 30 minute period where no one was walking into my shot or trying to mess with me. ^_^;
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