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Capella De Ministrers & Carles Magraner-Dansse real

Capella De Ministrers & Carles Magraner - Dansse real

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World of Medieval Music present: Pavana y Gallarda La Trulla composed by Bartomeu Càrceres, XVI cent.

About the composition: La Ensalada La Trulla or The Trowel Salad, is a slow processional dance common in Europe during the 16th century. For a Spaniard in the Golden Age, the word salad was composition just like a garden salad, metaphorically speaking - mixes different meters, textures,languages, musical moods, situations, characters, etc. The texts generally are allegories of the Nativity, and seem especially to have been performed around Christmas. The message, though, is always conveyed through a secular story that frequently includes realistic characters both ordinary and aristocratic, entangled in situations, of-ten funny, with many references to real places and people. Legend said that the origin of this dance may have been Mexican, then carried to Spain where it was finally stylized and later carried on to Italy and rest of the "Old Continent". By extension, Pavan is escrow also to the music that accompanies this dance. It was fashion and use the slow Pavane is then accompanied by a lively "Gallarda", forming a small whole of contrasting character dance.

About the composer: Bartomeu Cárceres, was Valencian composer linked to the Court of Duke Fernando II de Aragón. There is only one relevant historical record from 1546, and its a payment of 72 ducats to him as "Carrier of the Books" to the Chapel of the Ferdinand II of Aragon (Ferran d'Aragó) and it was half of the salary comapred with legendary Juan de Cepa who was the Maestro de Capilla - The Master of chapel. The manuscript "Cancionero de Gandía" located in the "Biblioteca de Catalunya" (National Library of Catalonia), Bacelona includes works by both Càrceres and Cepa.

An marvelous version of song and brilliant video screenplay is performed by Capella de Ministrers - an early music group formed by its director Carles Magraner (viola da gamba) in 1987 in Valencia. Spain. The primary importance of the group was in the focus on restoring Valencias musical culture so since than, ensemble has developed an important investigative and musicological task in favor of the musical Spanish patrimony, from the medieval times up to the 19th century. The result transformed into musical testimony, brings together the perfection of three key factors: the historical rigor, the musical sensibility and, specially, an uncontrollable desire to communicate and they make us participants of these experiences.

This outstanding production of the song was recorded at the "Lonja de la Seda" in Valencia, Spain in January 2012. It is part of multimedia presentation of the book "Batailla in Spagnol" (CDM 1231) available at official Ensemble page
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