Fretwork / Pavan in 3 Parts No.26
Fretwork-Pavan in 3 Parts No.26

Fretwork - Pavan in 3 Parts No.26

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Fretwork Pavan in 3 Parts No.26

00:00:00 Fantasia In 6 Parts
00:03:33 Fantasia In 3 Parts
00:05:56 Fantasia In 3 Parts
00:08:38 Fantasia In 6 Parts
00:12:26 Go From My Window In 6 Parts
00:17:22 Prelude & Ground For Organ
00:20:38 Galliard In 3 Parts
00:21:46 Fantasia In 3 Parts For The 'Great Dooble
00:26:08 Fantasia In 4 Parts For The 'Great Dooble
00:31:07 Fantasia In 2 Parts
00:34:19 Fantasia In 3 Parts
00:37:03 Fantasia In 3 Parts
00:39:34 Fantasia In 6 Parts
00:43:10 Fantasia In 3 Parts For The 'Great Dooble
00:47:49 Fantasia For The Organ
00:51:59 In Nomine In 5 Parts
00:56:52 The Cries Of London Part I
01:01:16 The Cries Of London Part II

Gibbons was born in and christened at Oxford, where his father William Gibbons was working as a wait.

Between 1596 and 1598 he sang in the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, where his brother Edward Gibbons (1568–1650), eldest of the four sons of William Gibbons, was master of the choristers. The second brother Ellis Gibbons (1573–1603) was also a promising composer, but died young. Orlando entered the university as a sizar in 1598 and achieved the degree of Bachelor of Music in 1606. James I appointed him a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, where he served as an organist from at least 1615 until his death. In 1623 he became senior organist at the Chapel Royal, with Thomas Tomkins as junior organist. He also held positions as keyboard player in the privy chamber of the court of Prince Charles (later King Charles I), and organist at Westminster Abbey. He died at age 41 in Canterbury of apoplexy, and a monument to him was built in Canterbury Cathedral.
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