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Coon-Sanders Orchestra-After You've Gone

Coon-Sanders Orchestra - Sanders Orchestra - After You've Gone

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Coon Sanders Orchestra - After You've Gone

Beschreibung und Texte
The Coon Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra-the band that made radio famous. In this recording of After You've Gone, the liner states that vocals are by Joe Sanders but this sounds more like Harry Maxfield who did vocals on four Nighthawks recordings.
In 1919, Carleton Coon and Joe Sanders combined their talents to form the orchestra that would soon become Kansas City's most popular band. Fans had a great time dancing to this new sound and laughing at the antics of Mr. Coon at the Plantation Grill in KC's Muehlbach Hotel. By 1922 they began broadcasting over WDAF which could be heard from Maine to Hawaii in the early days of radio with its numerous clear channel frequencies. The broadcasts were late at night from 11:30 to 1:00AM Central time and were the first daily broadcasts of any US orchestra. On one broadcast, the announcer commented that you would have to be a nighthawk to stay up and listen to these broadcasts and the legend was born. They changed the name of the orchestra to Coon Sanders Original Nighthawk Band. The Nighthawks formed a club and over a two year period from 1922-23, read the name of every one of the eventual 37,000 club fans over the air with the ceremonious initiation of a cowbell. Their popularity led them to Chicago where they had a gig at the Congress Hotel while cutting 60 labels for Victor Records at $200 per with no royalties. In 1926 they began a four year engagement at the Blackhawk Restaurant on Wabash and made it the "in spot" in Chicago. The shows were broadcast over powerhouse WGN in Chicago and had so many fan requests that Western Union and Postal Telegraph set up machines on stage. Each evening the stage would be deep in paper from the numerous requests. Al Capone was a big fan and lavished exorbitant tips on the band. The band enjoyed such success that each band member had their own Cord auto given them by E L Cord, the auto manufacturer.

In '27, William Paley, needing a drawing card to entice radio stations to join his fledgling Columbia Broadcasting System network enticed Coon and Sanders to New York where they broadcast from the New Yorker Hotel with the show being sponsored by Lucky Strike Cigarettes. Sanders missed the Midwest but Coon had a great time in New York often showing up at places such as the Cotton Club where he became great friends with Cab Calloway and even influenced Cab's style. The New York gig continued until 1932 when Mr. Coon unexpectedly died from blood poisoning and the Nighthawk Orchestra essentially died with him. Joe Sanders formed the 'Ol Left Hander and His Orchestra, a take on his early days as a baseball pitcher, but only met with limited success in the Midwest from 1934-1952 when he retired in Kansas City.
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