The Womb-The Hunger

The Womb - The Hunger

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The Womb The Hunger

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How do I Know My Baby is Hungry - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

When newborns emerge out of the womb, you have to really understand that they have been inside of their mom's belly and at all times there are nutrients going into their system. They are never experiencing hunger unless the mom is starving, and even if she is starving, the baby is still able to pull nutrients out of her system. So when a baby comes out, they are not used to the sensation of hunger. And so, what they are able to do is, they are going to root around, they are going to use their body and they are going to show you little cues and they are going to start sucking. And then if you notice those cues, then you can feed them.

If you do not notice the cues then it is going to escalate to them crying and then it is very clear that they are probably hungry. And just to understand that at first when they come out, they need nutrients quite frequently, maybe every 2 hours. Maybe even less time than that, it just depends on the child. And then it is going to smooth out over time to expanding to maybe 2 and a half hours, then 3 hours, then 4 hours. But you really want to get a sense that a baby arrives and they are just needing. That is a sense of safety if they know that they are not feeling hunger. That hunger evokes a sense of panic in them, and so you really want to notice those cues of the rooting around and the sucking. And you really want to pay attention and you know, offer them the breast or offer them the bottle, especially if it has been somewhere around an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours, it is very likely that they are actually hungry.

And so what you want to do in order to set up a schedule, is really understand that if you really follow the baby's cues, the baby is going to show you their rhythm. And you can play with the rhythm a little bit, so if you know "Oh, my baby seems like to eat every 2 hours and a half hours", if they get upset you might try waiting and a little bit and distracting them and going outside. But they are probably hungry, so really start to cue in and notice that over the first three months, they are going to eat a lot upfront, and then over time they are going to spread it out and it is going to get a little bit longer and a little bit longer. But their stomachs are teeny tiny, and they really need to have nutrients in them pretty frequently.

So you know, follow your gut, definitely tune into your baby. Your baby is communicating with you even though they are not using and words. And really trust yourself and trust your baby to know that if you sense that your baby is hungry and you want to go ahead and feed them, you are probably tuning into a very real need.
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