White Flag-The Light in the Distance (Darjeeling Banghra Mix) [feat. Mkay]

White Flag - The Light in the Distance (Darjeeling Banghra Mix) [feat. Mkay]

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White Flag The Light in the Distance (Darjeeling Banghra Mix) [feat. Mkay]

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Continuous Mix of the Mega Seller Album India Lounge Affair.
Unmixed Album available at all Digital Stores:





1. Adele Del Rey - Steel Curry (Cafe Bombay Steel Sitar mix) 05:30
2. Singh Ravin Mahatma - Bangladesh Wedding Party (Ayyavazhi Flower Sitar mix) 04:59
3. Bangalore Masters - Satyam (Best Of Buddha Bar mix) 05:38
4. Satyameva Jayate - Old Spices (Hindu Mantra Kashmir mix) 05:09
5. Kamasutra Girl - Goodbye My Love (Sunset Bangarang mix) 05:16
6. Lahore Dhol Xpress - Ceylon Blend (Singh Style mix) 04:50
7. Sarod Sapla Glee - Two Spirits (India Del Mar Cast mix) 05:33
8. Soleil Fisher - Burning to Love (India Tabla Dance mix) 04:53
9. Antique Beats Om - Voices Of India (Mantra mix) 05:36
10. Tibetan Meditation Ensemble - Buddha In The Mirror (Sitar Del Mar Cafe mix) 05:55
11. Kashmir Meditation Group - Kamasutra (Chillout Shankar mix) 05:26
12. Sweet Velvet - Pocket Change (Ragi's Palkaway Korma mix) 05:24
13. Merlion - What Can You Do (feat Sia Perry - Bar Cafe Buddha mix) 05:20
14. Aakarshan - Tantra Cafe (Sacred Spirit Of Love mix) 04:40
15. Sunpeople - The Balkan Blues (Welcome To My Buddha Lounge Bar mix) 05:05
16. Magic Sitar Hindi - Nothing But Spirit (Calcutta Sunset mix) 04:42
17. Ganesha - Afterglow (Live Earth Tabla dub) 05:18
18. Coastline - Adriatic Sea (Lounge Cafe Chillout Del Mar mix) 06:11
19. Blue Lagoona - Triangles & Rhombuses (Asian To Ibiza Chill mix) 05:41
20. Buddha Chill Ensemble - One Step Above The Sun (With Love From Buddha mix) 06:10
21. Bedroom Buddha - Mumbai Nights (Bar Del Mar Cafe mix) 05:30
22. Taj Ravin - From India To Asia (Buddha Cafe Bar Zen mix) 05:29
23. Oriental India Orchestra - Bali Aba's Snake Dance (Karma Buddha Bargroove mix) 06:03
24. White Flag - The Light In The Distance (feat Mkay - Darjeeling Banghra mix) 06:21
25. Lawrence From India - Sheik Yerbouti's Retirement (Goa Beach Lounge Del Mar mix) 04:57
26. Ragi - India Love Affair (From Bollywood To Ibiza mix) 05:07
27. Big Slumdog Buddha - Open The Light (Spirit Rojas Santoor mix) 05:06
28. India Del Mar - The Desert Song (feat Rai Panjabi - Kashmir Sitar mix) 05:54
29. Banghra Lounge Voices - Kamasutra In Heaven 05:09
30. Bangralution Hippies - The Last Chill Resort (Singh Space Night mix) 06:25
31. Sven Andersson III - Indian Rain (Bansuri Flute Chill mix) 08:51
32. Buddha Vibes - Summer Breeze In India (India meets Ibiza mix) 05:07
33. Mandala Hindu - Free Tibet (Himalaya Meditation Enigma mix) 05:03

India Lounge Affair Vol. 1 is a breathtaking collection containing 33 brand new exclusively produced Chillout and Lounge Hits from India. This compilation is by far the most extensive exploration of the mystical legacy that lies within India´s musical tradition. It is the first India Compilation on the market that oozes exotic India atmospheres, sun-dripping vibes and organic grooves from the Classical Indian Instruments and Hindustani Vocals mixed with European Balearic Sound Elements. Multi-coloured flavours of Exotica/Lounge / Ethnic / Chill and Downbeat, cooked up by a cast of artists and collaborators from all walks of the musical world will expand the way you hear and feel music. Enjoy the perfect blend of smooth lounge music from India!

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