Gurd-Hunter of Dreams

Gurd - Hunter of Dreams

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Gurd Hunter of Dreams

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This is my Dual Wield (or Double Daggers if you prefer) "unconventional" Tempest Rogue build.

What makes is different from the typical Dual Dagger Tempest Builds is it makes use of Stealth which is usually consider unnecessary since you can get the same result using Flask of Lightning.

However while that's true with an Archer build with a Dual Dagger Rogue you have to close the distance between you and you target.
If you use Flask of Lightning for that purpose you will spend a good part of its duration wasting the damage bonus.

My idea is to maximize the use of Flask or Lightning during combat and get the damage bonus for its full duration.

There is a reason I put there points in the Archery tree: First Blood and Pincushion apply to any attack and the latter is particularly useful with Throwing Blades.

Helmet: Superior Skirmisher Hat Schematic
Armor: Superior Prowler Armor Schematic with Prowler Armor Arms Schematic and Hunter Coat Schematic.

Daggers: Coiled Strike Schematic with Ornate Dagger Grip Schematic.

The reason I chose this schematic over the Stone Stalker Blade Schematic is Coiled Strike has an upgrade slot which allows me to boost the critical chance bonus.

I do plan to test the Stone Stalker and make even a comparison between the various daggers.

Check my channel for more Dragon Age: Inquisition videos, like these ones:

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Is it possible to avoid any falling damage? Yes, it is:

Also don’t forget to give a look at on of the best Dragon Age: Inquisition Easter Eggs, the Nug King:

Feel free to share you opinions :)

Thanks for watching :)


Dragon Age, the related characters, names, concepts etc are Copyright of BioWare/EA.

This video has been made according to EA policy which states:

"EA does not object to fair uses of video footage or screenshots on video sharing sites, including YouTube channels that are commercialized, as long as the footage is a version of the game that we have released to the public.”

Thank You, BioWare for this amazing Fantasy saga.
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