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Sync24 - Something Something

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Sync24 Something Something

Beschreibung und Texte
Track 7/10, from [Comfortable Void] (Ultimae inre052).

Something Something can be a lot of things, as much by its open title than the universal feelings it carries.

Personally, this track reminds the end of the day, when I left my work as the sun was slowly going down the horizon, and all the tiredness still exceeding the relief of heading home.

The depth and the warmth of the leading bass line translate the heat and the oppression of the city atmosphere after a hot day, reverberating the energy stored in a sunny summer day, while its repetiveness reminds the robots we are in our car, in the streets or the public transports ; robots repeating the endless sleep and work cycle.

As a man born in the countryside, my internships in Paris were as good on a professionnal side as they were a struggle on a private side. Living five days a week in this big city, surrounded by buildings and cars and pollution and concrete and shut faces of urban people, that was something I couldn't get used to.

At the end of the day, by dusk, I'd leave my work a bit dizzy and sometimes overwhelmed by all the knowledge I had to absorb. But the local atmosphere of a big city didn't really relieved me by its nature, so I often looked for gardens, as there are many in Paris.

Something Something is my evening exploration for familiar places, in a less and less active city over time after a day of labor. The main melody has that soothing power inseparable of its background tension, just like what I felt after a positively hard day in a place not made for me.

Walking between strangers of my way to live, while the track progresses, takes a break and finally leaves me in the fade-out of the twilight and the city lights turning on, I just wait for the end of the week.

Enjoy folks, and if you feel like it, I'd like you to share your sensations too, here in the comments section or on my Facebook page at

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This video is uploaded only in a promotional purpose, as I do not own any rights on this music. All rights reserved to Daniel Segerstad aka Sync24 and Ultimae.

If you (artist, label or viewer) have any inquiry, just email me at
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