Hayley Ross / Tumbledown
Hayley Ross-Tumbledown

Hayley Ross - Tumbledown

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Hayley Ross Tumbledown
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Download, Buy or Stream “Tumbledown” by Hayley Ross taken from the album The Weight of Hope: http://hyperurl.co/TumbledownHayleyRoss

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Lyrics: Tumbledown

I’ve been learning a language,
Fingers and thumbs,
Tumbledown here,
Tumbledown love,
As long as I’m breathing,
I’ve a song for you,
And I could teach you the words,
Under the yellowy moon,

Took time to get here,
You waited a while,
I’m watching you close now,
You’re starting to smile,
As long as I’m breathing,
Know this is true,
If you should need me,
I’ll gather you.

Tumbledown Love.


Written & performed by Hayley Ross, co-produced with Martyn Barker & mixed by John Leckie. Taken from the album "The Weight Of Hope" on Barracuda Recordings.
(Piano - J. Bell, Double Bass – T. Slade, Saws – N. Pynn, Cello – J. Giddy).
Published by Westbourne Music Publishing.
Directed by Clive Ford. Filmed & edited by Ben Cole.
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