Japanese Shamisen Jiuta Ensemble-Miyako Odori

Japanese Shamisen Jiuta Ensemble - Miyako Odori

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[0:00] A1. Miyako Odori (2 Kotos) Composed By – Michio Miyagi

Miyako odori is the dance performed in Kyoto in early April every year. It is one of the spring festivals for the Geisha (entertainers) and Maiko (dancers) of Kyoto. The music was composed by Michio Miyagi while he was traveling in Korea. Designed for the shamisen and koto, it describes brilliantly the dance performed by Geisha and Maiku.

[5:19] A2. Kurokami (Shamisen, Koto)

Black hair represents the great appeal of traditional Japanese women. The slow and sensuous atmosphere of love is often described in the "Juita", songs for the shamisen. It is not known with certainty who composed Kurokami (black hair). However, it was originally designed for the koto ("hirajoshi" - Standard tuning) and the shamisen ("san-gari"- low tuning). The shamisen, however, is often replaced by the "kyokyu" (two-string violin), which makes the atmosphere even more sentimental.

[11:37] A3 Keshi No Hana (Koto, Shakuhachi) Adapted By [Revised] – Kengyo MatsuzakiComposed By – Kengyo Kikuoka*

The "Poppy Flower" is a classical piece composed by a blind musician, Kengryo Kikuoka, and revised by Kengyo Matsuzakim the second. There are three species of poppy flowers. The red flower represents consolation, the white flower represents sleep; and the deep red represents love. The flowers are also likened to the "Nara" dolls, roughly carved and brilliantly painted.

[16:17] B1 Zangetsu (Instr. & Vocal) Composed By – Kinto Minezaki

The "Morning Moon" was composed by Kinto Minezaki from Osaka. It is regarded as the masterpiece of "Jiuta" (shamisen and song). "Zangetsu" is said have been composed for the death of a daughter of the Matsuya family, a disciple of the composer Minezaki. It begins with low and sad atmosphere and ends with a relief from sadness.

[31:00] B2 Ukifune (Instr. & Vocal)

Ukifune ("A floating boat") is based on the story of the Genji family. Ukifune, a beautiful lady of Uji (near Kyoto) is loved by Captain Kaoru, but she is unfaithful to him. After many disillusionments, she attempts suicide, fails, and spends the rest of her life in a nunnery. The music is designed for the shamisen, koto and voice. The words describe the sad story of Ladu Ukifune.


Kim Ono (koi betta)
Mrs. Crabbs (fiddler crab)

cookie jar, red lava rock, old rosemary roots, quartz, sandstone, sage, spearmint, air plant, echeveria succulent, thread & star moss, mountain valley spring water, 5v water pump, stacked without glue or adhesive 2 years strong! Many thanks to Luna, the love of my life, for helping with the terrarium, hiking for miles through the Los Angeles forest with me finding these native specimens!

"Made in U.S.A."
On labels: "Japanese Shamisen / Chamber Music (Jiuta) / with Koto and Shakuhachi / exceptional LP records for the discerning listener / ... / Masters of the Ikuta School".

Lyrichord ‎– LLST 7209
Vinyl LP stereo ripped with USB record player / dell venue 8
Label: Lyrichord
Classical, Folk, World, & Country
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