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Limpopo-What Is This Thing Called Love

Limpopo - What Is This Thing Called Love

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Limpopo What Is This Thing Called Love
Beschreibung und Texte
The show is about two neighbors, Elias Mabasa and James Marhanele,in Malamulele township and it tackles everyday issues that affect all of society. James Marhanele is a good old guy, who always tries to do the right thing. He’s very smart, and knows a lot of things,But he has a neighbor; Elias Mabasa, who is a total opposite of his character. Elias Mabasa is a kind of guy who loves getting things the easy way. They are both old and they both stand for what they believe in.
Target Audience: Mature Audience 16PG.
Language : xitsonga(With English Subtitles)
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