Mollo Rilla-Pyramids

Mollo Rilla - Pyramids

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Mollo Rilla Pyramids

Beschreibung und Texte
Mollo Rilla - Mollo Rilla (New Full Album) Mollo Rilla is a dynamic four piece Rock N' Roll band from a small town just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Mollo Rilla effortlessly combine a multitude of styles in the Rock n' Roll category resulting in what sounds most comparible to Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, or one of Jack White's many projects. While that is a general statement attempting to give you minor insight into what lies within, the album is much more complex than that.

The QOTSA influence is easy to identify, but there are others hidden within that are more subtle or rather utilized more sparsely. At times, Marco's haunting vocal delivery brings to mind enigmatic vocalist, Dax Riggs (Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, Deadboy and the Elephantman), although the music never sounds quite like anything Dax has ever really explored. And while the album is more firmly set in the "Rock" category than anything "Metal", all of Mollo Rilla's tunes harbor a dark vibe in some fashion. There are also glimpses into a more "Garage rock" vibe reminiscent of racous Detroit City Rock legends, the MC5. And maybe it's their use of keys, but there are also flashes in time that are heavily Deep Purple influenced.

The album is truly a journey, the band have created an album, a true album that weaves wonderfully together like legendary albums of the 70's achieved. Whether you are a fan of Stoner Doom / Garage Rock / or any form of Hard Rock/ Rock n Roll, there is something in this album for you. Fans of everything from Uriah Heep to the more modern Imperial State Electric (or any of Nicke's bands for that matter) will find enjoyment in this record. The band are going to turn a lot of heads, and due to their excellent balance of styles, they will appeal to a multiple of fans, Metal and Rock alike!

1. Ego
2. Nightmare
3. Holy Water
4. Ghetto Ghoul
5. In Dreams
6. Nectar
7. Gabriel
8. Anthem Intro
9. Anthem
10. End Times Preacher
11. Flowers
12. Pyramids
13. Ascension
14. Odyssey

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