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Aurveda Project Tribal Jungle

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My Jungle Awakening:

This is a documentary film about Lucrecia Borja, a 49 year old woman who has been living with breast cancer for over four years. During this time she has had over 17 surgeries, including a mastectomy and two brain surgeries. Shortly after her last brain surgery in December 2005, her western doctors in Southern California informed her the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and back and she needed the most intensive form of chemotherapy to prolong her life. But, they told her that even with the chemotherapy she may only have 6 months to live. Crecia was faced with the toughest decision of her life - spend the next 6 months living with the painful and debilitating effects of chemotherapy or spend the next 6 months saying goodbye to her friends and family. She did not see any other options...

Then everything changed when Crecia's good friend Ken Herft came back from Costa Rica with medicine from its jungles. The medicine was given to him by Don Candido, the indigenous medicine man featured in Ken's film The Hidden People. Candido believes he can treat Crecia with the natural medicines from the plants and trees of the Costa Rican jungles.

This film is about Crecia's physical and spiritual journey of healing which begins when she starts taking the medicine brought back from the jungle. After a few weeks, she regains a tremendous amount of energy and is strong enough to travel to Costa Rica where she continues her treatment with the medicine man. We experience Crecia's miraculous physical and emotional transformation that occurs in the two weeks she is treated with ancient medical practices. Then, we follow Crecia back home where she struggles to integrate this alternative healing into a modern world. We watch as she makes the decision to combine indigenous and western medicine and how that affects her health, happiness and family.
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