The Needs / I'm Doing Fine
The Needs-I'm Doing Fine

The Needs - I'm Doing Fine

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The Needs I'm Doing Fine
Beschreibung und Texte
Song owned by Sick Puppies from their cd Tri-Polar.
Video owned by me :P
If the lyrics are hard to read then I apologise because to me they looked fine to read.
So I will post the lyrics here :).

The window's cracked, I'm looking out
I see her and I'm filled with doubt
I don't know if this parking place
is just another empty space
words I've said aren't coming true
I don't know if it's me or you
this promise is too hard to keep
I have to speak

So what, I lied
But the truth would've been suicide
monogamy is all she wants from me
but I see my life
and it's way too short
don't blame me for not being subservient to others' needs
I'm at the point where honesty just doesn't f*ckin' work for me

I did my best to try and be
A mirror of society
but we both know the mirror's cracked
and everybody's in the act
faking what they cannot feel hoping they can make it real
reality is killing me

Erect a life I'll never see
I'll stand back from the scenery
and laugh at all the other guys
who never could escape in time
stuck like flies on sticky tongues
chewed up 'fore their life is done
I'm not here to compromise or apologize

Life - is too fucking short
It's too fucking short
It's too fucking short
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