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Parsnip - Rip It Off

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Parsnip Rip It Off

Beschreibung und Texte
Second single from Parsnip's forthcoming debut LP, "When The Tree Bears Fruit", out August 9th in AU/NZ through Anti Fade and out worldwide August 30th through Trouble In Mind.

Video Clip made by Alex McLaren. Filmed in Geelong, Winter 2019.

Parsnip USA tour dates:
Monday, 9/16 — Chicago: The Empty Bottle
Tuesday, 9/17 — Detroit: UFO Factory
Wednesday, 9/18 — Cleveland: Bister Migstuff’s
9/19 and 9/20 — NYC -TBA
Saturday, 9/21 — Philadelphia: Khyber Pass
Sunday, 9/22 — Baltimore: Joe Squared
Monday, 9/23 -- Richmond: The Fuzzy Cactus
Tuesday, 9/24 -- Chapel Hill: The Nightlight
Wednesday, 9/25 -- Asheville: Static Age Records
Thursday, 9/26 -- Nashville: TBA
9/27 and 9/28 -- Memphis: Gonerfest
Sunday, 9/29 -- St. Louis: The Nest
Monday, 9/30 -- St. Louis: Pizza Head
Tuesday, 10/1 -- Kansas City: TBA, with Warm Bodies
Wednesday, 10/2 -- Omaha: TBA, with Warm Bodies
Thursday, 10/3 -- Minneapolis: TBA, with Warm Bodies
Friday, 10/4 -- Milwaukee: Ground Zero, with Warm Bodies
Saturday, 10/5 -- Chicago: Bric-a-Brac

When the Tree Bears Fruit is the debut album from Melbourne four-piece Parsnip. Following on from two 7-inches in the last two years, Parsnip’s first full-length is playful, poetic, propulsive punk. An album perpetually in motion, When the Tree Bears Fruit is just over half an hour of absurd, understated energy. There’s an immediacy to the sheer joy, velocity and whimsy of Parsnip’s delivery.

The band formed in 2016, and played their debut show in a sharehouse living room. When the Tree Bears Fruit was recorded over three days, and truly captures the energy the group are known for live, of a cannily controlled chaos. This is an album that invites its listener to join in its celebration: the record’s title, inspired by the ideas of guru and poet Sri Chinmoy, refers to the idea that a tree will grow fruit and it will be offered for anyone and everyone to share in. The band see this principle as it applies to their work – to sharing their joy and nonsense with the world, and hoping people will enjoy it.
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