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'After a year hiatus Nigel 'One' Geiger's Intimate Venues returns with their 13th official release as a sub-label to the deep house staple imprint Nylon Recordings/Trax.
This 5 track compilation is a bit more tech oriented than much of the more deep and melodic tunes the label is known for. The lineup on this release is a testament to what IVR has to offer with tracks from long time Detroit Producer/DJ Raybone Jones who is no stranger to the house music community as well as a debut release from John Wolf proving that Intimate Venues is all about the music. This solid playlist also features songs from Delta Quadrant, Samuel Paradise and Define who have been putting out music with the Intimate Venues imprint since it's humble beginnings in 2012. This release as a whole explores the grey area between deep house and tech house perfectly with a song for just about any situation. Define's track Nordly's has a latenight sweaty basement party while Samuel Paradise's track innerverse has all the makings of a great opening track for an epicly deep set. John Wolf brings us a track called Off Centered Pleasure which is one of those joints that could fit into almost any deep or tech house set and will definitely keep the mix moving. Delta Quadrant comes with a very sexy techno shaker titled Believe that will be a sure fire dancefloor rocker. Last but not least Detroit native Raybone Jones most known for his widely praised releases on Moods & Grooves, Still Music, and Rush Hour as well as collaborations with Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Malik Pittman brings us a very deep offering with smooth chords and a whole lot of wet percussion. We know that the deep house community will make great use of Raybone's track Moody City. Although this compilation is stylistically a bit different than this labels earlier offerings it still fits right in with the labels motto 'We like it deep we keep it real.'

Mastering by Vikram Badarinath
Executive Producer Nigel “One” Geiger
(p) & (c) 2015 Intimate Venues Recordings

Video Encoded by Label Worx - http://www.label-worx.com
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