Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion-Serendipity

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion - Serendipity

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Beschreibung und Texte
Enjoy the great sound of Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion !!!
This track is from the brand new album Groove Jazz N Chill #6

Copyright: ℗© 2018 Konstantin Klashtorni

The latest collection (#6) in Konstantin’s Groove Jazz N Chill Series, recorded under the moniker Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion, feels like a soothing immersion into a musical mineral bath – a truly relaxing yet still sensual and romantic jaunt into the chill side of smooth urban jazz.

The focal single is the soulful, seductive “Dearest,” which begins with trippy sound effects (including a soothing, glistening water element) as part of a dreamy atmosphere. Then the groove kicks in, and we’re on our way to a magical three and a half minute world of chillaxation, aiming our positive thoughts high on the wings of a dreamy trumpet melody over the hypnotic melodic flow.

Konstantin artfully weaves in other melodic instruments like a whimsical soaring flute and a bright acoustic guitar, for a multi-dimensional experience. That track is an open door to a dynamic experience that finds Konstantin varying his lead melodic voices.

The journey includes the cool, swirling duality of guitar and sax on the shimmer of “A New Day,” the passionate and soulful, sax driven “All The Way,” the trippy light funk/soaring atmosphere duality of “An Evening’s Tale” and a trip to “Far Above The Moon,” where acoustic guitar and alto sax dance over a shuffling groove.

Another highlight which shines a light on Konstantin’s overall sense of romance is “Love at Midnight,” which finds late night magic in the alternate embrace of a powerful sax melody and crisp guitar.

Original Release Date: May 11, 2018
Label: Kvk Music
Copyright: ℗© 2018 Konstantin Klashtorni

VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Video is made for entertainment purposes only and you can download a song or the entire album (soon) on any authorized website such as, iTunes,, etc. No copyright infringement is intended in the making of this video.
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