James Bowman, David Munrow, The Early Music Consort of London, Charles Brett & Geoffrey Shaw-Music of the Gothic Era - Ars aniqua: On parole de batre

James Bowman, David Munrow, The Early Music Consort of London, Charles Brett & Geoffrey Shaw - Music of the Gothic Era - Ars aniqua: On parole de batre

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Beschreibung und Texte
Without David Munrow (1942-1976): the world of early music today would have looked much differently. He was one of the most passionate and successful musicians ever lived, with an immense gift to communicate, inspire and... make music.
In his short life of 33 years, with a musical career than only spanned a period of ten year, he produced over 55 records, 655 (!) radio episodes for the BBC (Pied Piper), wrote several scores for incredibly successful historical series for the BBC (e.g. the six wives of Henry VIII), films, television programs, a book, and not to forget the many tours he made with his Early Music consort in which among others also Christopher Hogwood was a prominent member of.
And all of that enthusiasm with... medieval music and period instruments of the 14th, 15th... century. In a time when not even Bach on period instruments was accepted as a 'serous' field of music performances.
So let that be a lesson for all of us today who believes interest and possibilities are declining! Munrow could teach us way more today than only the beautiful performances he left us...

Index (extensive index below - on YouTube):

0:00 Notre Dame Period : Side A
30:47 Notre Dame Period : Side B
53:06 Ars Antiqua Motetti : Side A
1:15:10 Ars Antiqua Motetti : Side B
1:35:32 Ars Nova Motetti : Side A
1:54:00 Ars Nova Motetti : Side B

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Equipment used:

Turntable : Clearaudio Performance DC
Clearaudio vinyl harmonizer (underlay)
ADC : Benchmark USB 1.0
PC: HP Envy
Capturing program: Samplitude Pro X
Archiv Produktion ‎– 2723 045
Released: 1976

Notre Dame Period Organa 2 Vocum
A1 Viderunt Omnes – Leonin*
A2 Alleluya Pascha Nostrum – Leonin*
A3 Gaude Maria Virgo – Leonin*

Organa 4 Vocum
B1 Viderunt Omnes– Perotin*
B2 Sederunt Principes – Perotin*

Ars Antiqua Motetti
C1 Alle, Psallite Cum Luya, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C2 Amor Potest, 3 Voc. Anonymus*
C3 S'On Me Regarde, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C4 In Mari Miserie, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C5 On Parole De Batre, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C6 En Mai, Quant Rosier Sont Flouri, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C7 Dominator Domine, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C8 El Mois De Mai, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C9 O Mitissima, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
C10 Hoquetus I-VII, 3 Voc.: Neuma · Virgo · In Seculum Longum · In Seculum Viellatoris · In Seculum Breve · In Seculum D'Amiens Longum · In Seculum – Anonymus*

D1 Aucun Ont Trouvé, 3 Voc. – Petrus de Cruce
D2 De Ma Dame Vient, 3 Voc, – Adam de la Halle*
D3 J'Os Bien A M'Amie Parler, 3 Voc. – Adam de la Halle*
D4 La Mesnie Fauveline, 3 Voc.– Anonymus*

Ars Nova Motetti
D5 Quant Je Le Voi, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
D6 Zelus Familie, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
D7 Quasi Non Ministerium, 3 Voc.– Anonymus*
D8 Impudenter Circumivi, 3 Voc.– Philippe de Vitry
D9 Cum Statua, 3 Voc. – Philippe de Vitry

E1 Pantheon Abluitur, 5 Voc. – Bernard de Cluny
E2 Clap, Clap, Par Un Matin, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
E3 Ida Capillorum, 3 Voc.– Henri Gilles de Pusiex
E4 Rachel Plorat Filios, 3 Voc. – Henri Gilles de Pusiex
E5 Lés L'Ormel A La Turelle, 3 Voc.– Anonymus*
E6 O Philippe, Franci Qui Generis, 3 Voc.– Anonymus*
E7 Febus Mundo Oriens, 3 Voc. – Anonymus

F1 Lasse! Comment Oublieray, 3 Voc. – Guillaume de Machaut
F2 Qui Est Promesses, 3 Voc. – Guillaume de Machaut
F3 Hoquetus David, 3 Voc. – Guillaume de Machaut
F4 Christe, Qui Lux Es, 4 Voc. – Guillaume de Machaut
F5 Degentis Vita, 4 Voc. – Anonymus*
F6 Inter Densas Deserti Meditans, 3 Voc. – Anonymus*
F7 Rex Karole, Johannis Genite, 5 Voc. – Philippe Royllart

Bass Vocals – Geoffrey Shaw
Bells, Organ [Portative Organ], Percussion [Nakers, Tabor] – David Corkhill
Bells, Psaltery – Gillian Reid (2)
Conductor, Liner Notes – David Munrow
Cornett – Iaan Wilson
Cornett [Tenor], Trumpet [Slide Trumpet] – Alan Lumsden
Countertenor Vocals – Charles Brett, David James (13), James Bowman (2)
Design – Alexander Gnirke
Engineer [Recording] – Hans-Peter Schweigmann, Klaus Hiemann
Ensemble – The Early Music Consort Of London
Fiddle – Oliver Brookes
Liner Notes – Michael Freeman – Dr. Barbara Schwendowius*, Dr. Andreas Holschneider – Dr. Dieter Beyerle– Dr. Michael Freeman – Dr. Hans Heimler– Dr. Hans Heimler – Daniel Henry
Lute, Cittern [Mandora] – James Tyler
Organ [Portative Organ], Harp – Christopher Hogwood
Rebec – Nigel North
Rebec, Fiddle – Eleanor Sloan
Recorder [Soprano, Alto, Tenor], Shawm [Alto, Tenor], Reeds [Tenor Cornemuse] – David Munrow
Tenor Vocals – John Potter (2), John Nixon*, Martyn Hill, Paul Elliott, Rogers Covey-Crump
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