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Sound Therapy Masters Cosmic Mother Energy

Beschreibung und Texte
Sunday, March 31 from 1:30-3pm
$20 Suggested Energy Exchange
(To get really comfy, please bring blanket and yoga mat)

In this special Awakening Your Cosmic Heart Divine Sound Healing Experience as we align with the energies of the new Spring Season you will have the opportunity to surrender what is complete and to set your intentions for the new season! Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, 7-Metal Alchemy Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native Flute, Angel Codes, Angel Message.

More About This Event

We begin our time together by creating sacred space; a sacred container to hold the magnificent energies coming in. Beloved asks us to connect to our souls, as we tune in through mantra. When our fields are aligned with the toning vibration, she invites us to lie down and surrender whilst she guides us through a short relaxation.

To get really comfy, bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket. Wearing comfortable clothing, lying on a mat, tucked under a blanket, we relax in the safety of Sacred Space as Beloved takes us on a journey ~ connecting to Earth and Cosmos, receiving the ancient wisdom and healing properties of Gemstone Crystals, Elements and 7-metal alchemy.

As these magical bowls play their songs, Beloved guides us through a magical Guided Journey aligning us with the energies of Surrender and Creation. Inviting us to Surrender what we have completed she invites us to Create our vision... Set our intentions for this New Season.

When the bowls have completed their song, we remain in stillness… allowing the lingering silent sounds of the bowls to move within. Through the silence we begin to hear the clear notes of Beloved’s bamboo flute weave their way into the ethers and here we remain… in this stillness… until once again Beloved speaks to us, calling us back into our physical bodies…

As we open our eyes and return to a seated position, Beloved prepares us for our Water Ceremony of Creation. She teaches us the Water Mantra and pours each of us a small cup of ceremonial water infused with the frequencies of this evening’s SoulSounds™. Beloved then invites us to sit in silence, feeling into our creation, as the Water Mantra sings within our inner being connecting us to the water before taking a sip… aware of the feel of the water on our tongues… in our palates… aware of the texture… aware of the taste… aware of what we are creating… calling into our lives!

Our Ride on the Sacred Sound Current into the cosmos of Divine Crystal SoulSounds™ and 7-Metal Alchemy ends with blessings for us, the planet and the whole of life. We are now ready to open this sacred space, leave this place and shine our magnificent SoulLight on each and everyone we meet.


Beloved’s Concerts, Meditations and Retreats feature the powerful vibrational frequencies and sound technology of her Vocal Harmonics, Light Language Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother, Messages from the Angelic Realm and Resonance of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls together with the Alchemy of her 7-Metal Tibetan Singing Bowls.
7-Metal Bowls hold the powerful Alchemy of Gold (Sun), Silver (Moon), Mercury (Quicksilver/Mercury), Copper (Venus), Iron (Mars), Tin (Jupiter), and Lead (Saturn)

Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful sonic instruments producing harmonic vibrations that resonate the fluids in our bodies, bloodstream, organs and bone structure. This results in the return of body, mind and spirit to a more balanced, natural flow of energy.
When one relaxes and absorbs these sound frequencies, the results are beautiful, transformational, and much more. Bio sonic sine waves vibrate cells into more perfect harmonic resonance. Stress, restriction and many things that no longer serve melt away as you feel more vibrant health, deeper connection, higher vibration and expanded awareness. This is a blissful state of gratitude and joy ... an experience of Oneness.

Individually created, each Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowl has its own unique qualities and sound frequencies.

Ask Beloved and she’ll tell you, “These living bowls are awesome awakeners and Master Teachers. They seem to know exactly what is needed in the moment. Each attunement and musical piece is different ~ I never know what to expect. I just feel so very blessed to hold space for these amazing beings! I don’t know where the bowls stop and I begin. We are so much a part of one another!”


Soul Awakening and Transformation, Your Soul Awakener and Transformation Partner, Angel Codes and Messages, Moon Energies,

Bright Blessings

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