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Asha Amadora

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Asher Quinn (Asha) sings 'Amadora' from his album "Songs of Asher Quinn". Track download/double CD available here ~

I composed this song in 1990, and it became the title track for an album released by New world Music, which describes an emotional and spiritual inner heartland that exists for me. When I became an independent artist in 2008, I put this track into a double compilation CD called "Songs of Asher Quinn". In 1988, I had had a series of dreams and visions in which a female sun-angel from Zoroastrian times presented herself to me, as my guardian angel. Her name was Asha... a name she also lovingly bestowed upon me. It means 'best truth'; that is, humane truth; truth in relation to circumstances, not law. I took on the name legally as well as spiritually, and in later years protected the integrity of the name Asha with a Hebrew variant, Asher (tree of life). So Asher became my outer name, and Asha my inner name. This inner heartland began to emerge more clearly from the mists of ancient Spirituality... populated by Spiritual Beings, such as Christ, Mary/Sophia, Elijah and Micha-el. It is a sun-kissed land, geographically corresponding to the Holy land & the Mediterranean (Middle Earth). In that place of inner communion and meditation, a private language even emerges... the forgotten language of the heart. Phonetically and sound tone-wise it contains elements of what sounds like French, Greek, Aramaic, Persian... even Slavic; maybe Hungarian. It is never the same twice... words emerge spontaneously which describe the best truth, and the best truth is not fixed by structure! I even wrote a song in that language on the original album called "Amadora"... a song called 'Rashani'. My dreams take me to this land on a regular basis... to Temples and Mystery Schools; olive groves and shepherd huts. My karmic source is there... I live there in the Spirit world, with my soul-group of Christ Beings. We meet in this life and others, and remember each other, our vows and our Spiritual tasks. In our better known Spiritual cultures here on earth, I have encountered along the way the Camino pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela (St. James of the Field of Stars) ; the Sufi way of the dervish and the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz; the esoteric Christianity of Christian Rosenkreutz, and of Rudolf Steiner, in particular. In these traditions, and with these Beings, I feel at home... and all this is contained in Amadora.

Amadora consists of the root of the words for Love (Ama) and gold (d'or), so perhaps Amadora means 'Golden Love'. The name Theodore (which my wife and I bestowed upon our first born son) means 'Gift of God', so perhaps Amadora also means 'Gift of Love'. In filming for this song, we arrived at Rocamadour in France, my filming companion Gloria and I... an important medieval pilgrimage sanctuary and town, carved out of the rock in the Dordogne. St. Amadour lived there in a cave as a devotee of Mary... his name means 'Servant of Mary'... St. Amadour of the Rock. It became clear to me then that as a mystic and a minstrel in the time-honoured Grail sense, I, too, am a servant of Mary. I experience myself as a troubadour, translating Spiritual vision into music... the highest and most far-reaching of the Divine arts... as a Grail Knight with a guitar!

Our journey through France one long weekend, a portal to Amadora from the UK, took us to Rouen, Chartres, Blois, Chinon, Aubeterrre, Rocamadour, La Douze, Vezelay and many other places connected with Santiago; the Grail Knights; Joan of Arc (a Christian martyr guided by Micha-el); the Mary line (Marian line) and the living Christ. Oft times we encountered these themes quite synchronously, and unexpectedly. The little film itself proved to be a real challenge to script and edit, as I drum my way through La Belle France... but Maggie, up in Scotland, achieved lift-off with my script on the 11th draft. As it turns out, the 'mathematics' of the music is 11 seconds... this I found out when scripting it. Each phrase lasts 11 seconds. At one point a golden ladybird landed on a silver goblet in front of me and completed a circuit round the rim from start to finish, in 22 seconds precisely. I saw this only when scripting... the ladybird 'danced' in time to the music. At another village we encountered a medieval fete, with Grail troubadours dancing down the street... they danced and played exactly in time to this song, though they were actually singing another song. And I dreamt of a wise old man singing a duet with an angelic five year-old boy, but in different languages... each singing his own language of the heart in perfect harmony. As a five year-old boy myself, I had my first visions of Jesus. It is said that Christ speaks to each soul in their own language. This is how life is in Amadora... a parallel universe and a world within a world, within a world...
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