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This Is Head-Illumination

This Is Head - Illumination

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This Is Head Illumination

Beschreibung und Texte
This is the video to the second single from This Is heads second album "The Album ID". Track is called "Illumination".

Produced, directed and filmed by Maciej Kalymon

Rose-Marie Persson
Johnny Melin
Martzy Nilsson
Britt-Louise Ek
Anders Nilsson
Asko Päiviö

Concept and idea by Olof Werngren and Maciej Kalymon
Recordplayer scenography/set design by Edward Lloyd Pierce

Cinematography - Maciej Kalymon, Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, Olof Werngren
Special Effects - Christofer Wallin
First Asisstant Director - Michael Cavanagh
Second Asisstant Director - Viktor Strand
Production Manager - Henriette Bernsten
Wardrobe Supervisor - Thea Davidsson
Key Grip - Tobias Björk
Editors - Maciej Kalymon, Viktor Strand

Recordplayer Crew:
Technician - Linda Andersson
Sound Technician - John Conlon
Light Technician -Daniel Kullman
Technician - Krister Sävström
Inspicient/Stage Manager - Kattis O. Blanking

Special thanks to:
Malmö Stadsteater, Jesper Larsson, Pontus Karlsson, Måna Rezaijoff, Jonas Liveröd, Mattias Almlund, Helena Cederins, Jenifer Malmqvist, Fredrik Holm, John Bjerkert, Katarina Jonsson.

Art by Trash is Free.

The band had to cut loose all boundaries and ties that the first album and the success there of had put on them. The process that went on for over a year hadn't actually any limits, rules or straight lines to stay within. It was like an unruly organism that evolved and became a being of its own. A being that itself affected the members just as much as they helped it to grow. They talk about songs that almost wrote themselves, about how their instruments seem to have their own friendships beyond human understanding, magic pots and bubbling cauldrons.

First single of the album was the Bowie--esque colorful -- Time's an Ocean -- and now it's time for single number two -- Illumination. A proud groovy synth riff hold up the slow dance rhythm and cheering voices keep the melody in your head.

When released, the official single also includes 2 remixes. Not of the single track but from 2 other tracks from the album. First the wonderful "El Perro Del Mar" that does "Castaway" and then we get a rock 'n rock dirty gritty remix of "Staring lenses" from Brooklyn and the spiritual "Prince Rama".
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