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Release Date: 08-08-2016

► Click Records ♫


► Talul ♫

01. Talul, HRRSN - New Home (Original Mix)
02. Talul, HRRSN - New Home (Kellerkind Remix)
03. Talul, HRRSN - New Home (Natural Flow Remix)
04. Talul, HRRSN - New Home (Innellea Remix)

Release Info:
We are proud to present you our 57th release. For this release we have HRRSN & Talul making their debut on our label.

When the Mönchengladbach native HRRSN (Harrison) moved to Berlin about 2 Years ago, he was far from Deep House and simple 4/4 Beats. He rather tangled with Folk, Soul and R&B, which he later took on with a more ‘Poppy’ approach. But living in Berlin and experiencing the vibrant scene made him realize that he also has a passion for house - and electronic music.
By now you should know the name and after a series of well-received releases on labels like Noir Music, Stil vor Talend, Suol or his very own imprint WellDone! Music he shows no signs of slowing down. In the begining of this year you he produced an Album as a part of Tender Games which came out on Suol Music and is currently in the process of setting up another live-set which will be 100% HRRSN - featuring his distinct vocals over his own productions. So sit back and watch what happens next because 'HRRSN' is a name you should have on your on your radar.

The Dresden born producer Feras Kabbara is the son of a German mother and a Lebanese father.
His late solo project 'Talul' is about electronic music that does not follow conventions or fall victim to trends.
It is art from the heart that explores music beyond genre limitations and picks up influences as far as the far east.
Only a few weeks into its existence, Talul has already received support from numerous big players in the industry and convinces with his unique and winning tracks. His music is a slice of beautifully chilled deep house that sends a shiver down your spine!

On remix duties we have also 3 other acts making their debut on Click Records.
Stil Vor Talent's Kellerkind needs no introduction. This man has made a big name with his work throughout the years.

Natural Flow is just one of those acts that are new, unique and amazingly talented. We think they and their own record label, Alium Records, are the ones to watch this coming year.

And last but not least we have German duo Innellea. Another quite new act that deserves all the attention. The moment we heard their productions we knew we had to have them signed on our label for remixes and originals.


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Promotion contact (labels & artists): if you didnt hear from me in 7 days that means your tune haven't meet my standards and haven't been picked!

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