Eagle Twin / Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 2
Eagle Twin-Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 2

Eagle Twin - Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 2

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Eagle Twin Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 2

Beschreibung und Texte
Eagle Twin's 2012 album continued in both the general sonic and to a degree thematic vein of The Unkindness of Crows, something that revels in the majesty of doom, drone, riffs, and elegance interwoven with destabilization nearly every step of the way. As with so much metal of the 21st century, that which is most gripping about The Feather Tipped the Serpent's Scale lies in its embrace and then near immediate reworking of formality -- what could be just a slow unfolding of sludge turns into a steady cyclical loop of full-band power. Instruments sometimes have a crisp clarity but often things rumble in the distance, fray at the edges, sound like they're literally bleeding through amplifiers and shredding off in sections. When everything maintains more of a focus, the crushing impact is even more noticeable, as the shift from "HornSnakeHorns" into "It Came to Pass the Snakes Became Mighty Antlers" shows. Voices sometimes murmur or slide beneath the noise; at other points, as on "The Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 2," it's a wounded masculine roar that's like something out of Killdozer with any irony drained from it in favor of angry condemnation and pain. "Lorca (Adan)" is something near to a formal song after the initial one-two of "Job Cain" in full, but a formal song in the way Michael Gira ended up creating them over the years, musically if not lyrically. It's a little hard to say that the band swings as well as classic Black Sabbath, but the appreciation of how rhythmic excellence underpins the foundation of metal is evident throughout -- even the brief drum solo on the opening "Ballad of Job Cain, Pt. 1" serves as a necessary breakdown and buildup before a full-band release.

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