Alexander Boynton Jr.-Beyond the Gate (feat. Miguelito Valdes)

Alexander Boynton Jr. - Beyond the Gate (feat. Miguelito Valdes)

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Alexander Boynton Jr. Beyond the Gate (feat. Miguelito Valdes)

Beschreibung und Texte
American/Canadian artist Alexander Boynton Jr. is a smooth jazz triple-threat when it comes to creating sinfully sexy songs. He's got the bass on melodic overdrive, the talent to craft powerful tales of love, and the team to bring it all together in a musical tour de force. From the minute you press play on Doo Bee Doo Bop, his first solo release, he'll have your body grooving to his tunes.

A contemporary composer, songwriter, bass player and bandleader, Boynton Jr. is best known for his contributions as bassist in the Canadian Juno-award-winning group (Canadian Grammys) The Payola$.

Since then, his musical collaborations have included the likes of David Foster, Bob Rock, Paul Hyde, Jeff Lorber, David Pickell and Blu Mankuma, and he has opened for a host of big names, including Bryan Adams, Super Tramp and Duran Duran. He has also worked as a sideman to a number of successful rhythm and blues, rock and pop bands.

Boyton Jr.'s roots, however, are firmly planted in R&B and gospel. Hailing originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Boynton Jr. grew up in Los Angeles, where he learned to play bass in school. He honed his craft in church groups before bringing his sweet brand of gospel groove to Hollywood North.

He continued to study music at Vancouver's Capilano and Douglas colleges, where he fell in love with classical music, composition and the contrabass. He devoted himself to songwriting, composing instrumental scores and playing in a small string orchestra. He launched his professional recording career in Vancouver with pop-soul group Smokin Pocket.

Alongside his music career, Boynton Jr. experimented with stage acting, movies and TV, appearing in Five Guys Named Moe and Wang Ding Doodle on stage, Wrongfully Accused on screen, as well as popular TV series 21 Jump Street, The X-Files and The Outer Limits. He also played the drummer in George Michael's music video for "Kissing a Fool".

During the day, Boynton Jr. runs a website development company called Infopower Technologies, and teaches computer skills in adult education at the University of British Columbia. But as night falls, the rhythm takes over.

Doo Bee Doo Bop, his first major solo record, reflects the artistry imprinted on his soul from his years moving church-goers to the spirit of gospel. His music, while approachable and easy to enjoy, is at once deep and filled with light, soulful and sinfully sexy, joyous and gracefully composed. It explores the relationships that fill our lives with meaning, with melodies that fill our hearts with joy.

With influences ranging from James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Smoky Robinson, to rock inspirations like Yes and Sam Cook, Boynton Jr.'s musical well runs deep. On Doo Bee Doo Bop, Boynton Jr. is joined by a talented team including producer Jeff Lorber, Paul Jackson Junior, Tony Maiden (Rufus), Rick Braun, Phil Perry, Jeff Golub, Michael Thompson, Tony Moore, Chelsea Nicole, Lenny Castro, Dave Pickell, Gilberto Moreaux, Nick Apivor, Bill Runge and Miguelito Valdes...

Lead by Boynton Jr.'s smooth grooves and melodic bass, the ensemble pulls together an experience you'll be sure to keep on repeat all night long to the early morning.

Theme music by Heidi Figueroa
Created by Valentine Henderson
Produced by Valentine Henderson and Mona Robertson

2012, All Rights Reserved
Playasport Productions

**No parts of this production may be reproduced or modified in any form without written permission from the Producer. Use of this video must acknowledge the source being "ON DA GRINE TV"

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