Clairvoyants / Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Clairvoyants-Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Clairvoyants - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

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Clairvoyants Here Today Gone Tomorrow
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1) Hysterica - Daughters Of The Night (The Art Of Metal) (Heavy Metal)
2) Project Arcadia - Ged (From the Desert of Desire) (Power Metal)
3) Death Mask - Time Of The Signs (Sitting In The Dark) (Heavy/Speed Metal)
4) Clairvoyants - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (The Shape Of Things To Come) (Power/Heavy Metal)
5) Chastain - The 7th Of Never (The 7th Of Never) (Power/Heavy Metal)

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(I do not own any of these bands or anything, just spreading the music to get them more exposure. If it's required, this video will be put down, but I hope it won't because I'm just trying to get these bands more exposure.)
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