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Eurielle-Carry Me

Eurielle - Carry Me

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Eurielle Carry Me
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Eurielle is a fascinating artist whose music redefines the Crossover Genre. Drawing influence from myth, legend, and fantasy, as well as our own human nature, her music will transport you into another world...

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Video Details:

Title: Carry Me
Artist: Eurielle
Album: Arcadia
Lyrics By: Eurielle


Animation by Realtime Motion Studios:

▸Lyrics: By Eurielle
Verse 1

While you sleep, dream of me
I’ll be keeping our memories
Living in my heart and soul
Waiting for the day
When we will be together again


Carry me to my love
O’er the sea to the clouds above
Where I know he’s waiting for me
Carry me to my love
O’er the sea to the clouds above

Verse 2

Take me away to the shining light
Over the waves peaceful at night
There among the stars glowing in the dark
You watch over me
Smiling down patiently


Carry me to my love…

(Instrumental section)

Final Chorus

Carry me to my love…


Image Artist: WLOP

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