Sunrom / Elephant (Pional Re - Interpretation)
Sunrom-Elephant (Pional Re-Interpretation)

Sunrom - Elephant (Pional Re - Interpretation)

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Sunrom Elephant (Pional Re - Interpretation)

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Artist: Sunrom
Label: Slowciety
Released: 26 Jan 2018
Genre: Electronic

Elephant (Pional Re-interpretation mix)
Guru (Marc Piñol remix)
Utopia (Dandara remix)
Guru (Matt Karmil remix)

Matt Karmil, Pional, Marc Piñol and Dandara shed a new light on Slowciety’s previous record: Guru. Guru Remixes opens with a mesmerising and brooding interpretation of the eponymous release by Matt Karmil, resembling the raw textures of the UK-producer’s LP. Pional's remix comes next with a powerful treatment of Elephant, once again proving the dancefloor expertise of the Madrid-based producer. He delivers the shamanic experience from the original track and pushes it forward with soaring percussive elements & beats layered on a 90's-esque emotive pad. Marc Piñol opens the B-side with a groovy remix of Guru, described by the man himself as a 122 BPM after party tool. A heady bassline loop, as well as dry & twisted sounds beefed up by Karmil's work on the mastering, lead the remix to an hypnotic ride, pure and efficient. Last but not least, Swiss producer Dandara brings his tribal touch to the final remix, producing a sensual Utopia. A slow melodic dancefloor piece which smoothly closes this third record.
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