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Beschreibung und Texte
I love art photography and can easily lose myself scouring the internet like the library of Babel for pictures. Sometimes I use these images to illustrate my poetry – always taking great care of naming the artist. I agree with the contemporary visual artist Christian Marclay who in the context of creating The Clock, stated: “If you make something good and interesting and not ridiculing someone or being offensive, the creators of the original material will like it.”

Sometimes these collections of images trigger my own creativity by directing me towards a topic that has most probably already been slumbering in my sub-conscience. These pictures act like teasers or “dream catchers” or even as surfaces for my own emotional projections. In this particular situation it must have all run together and I was both deeply touched and inspired by a photograph of Woodman’s which not only helped me to get unstuck but ended up delivering a line for this song, Eating the Darkness:

“And I sit here eating the darkness
and the darkness eats at me
I’m fading into the wallpaper
on the second floor
apartment number two-o-three”

Read the lyrics and more about how the song developed in my blog post:

From the album “The World I Am Livings In”, released 01 March 2013
Music and lyrics by Frances Livings
Label: Moontraxx Records, 2013

Recording Credits:
Frances Livings ~ vocal
Jeff Colella ~ electric piano
Trey Henry ~ double bass
Joey Heredia ~ drums

Photo credits:
Debbie Caffery, Woman at the Window
Elmer Batters, Shoes
Francesc Català-Roca, Cloud in a Cage
Francesca Woodman, Untitled Providence 2 (Shadow)
Sand timer, photographer unknown
Dragon woman, photographer unknown
Francesca Woodman, Space 2 (Woman and Wallpaper)
Brandon Kidwell, Man, Landscape, Hand
Girl On Mantlepiece with Clock, photographer unknown
Jane Burton, The Other Side, 2002
Zombie Room, photographer unknown
Frances Livings, Clock, 2013
Jean Jacques Henner, Solitude
Woman smoking behind glass bottle, photographer unknown
Man Ray, Dora Maar, 1936
Lissy Elle Laricchia, Bed of Flaws
Brandon Kidwell, Hand, face, Wedding band
Jane Burton, Woman on Carpet
Emmanuelle Brisson, Something is Happening Around
Lissy Elle Laricchia, Broken Hands
Kamil Vojnar, White Dress (Lost Childhood)
Francesca Woodman, Untitled, from Angels Series

Please note: The purpose of this video is to neither glorify nor romanticize depression or suicide. On the opposite: I have lost some amazing people in my life to suicide and have also suffered these gut-wrenching feelings of utter hopelessness depression can cause. With the recording of this song and the creation of a video-collage I wanted to evoke awareness of this socially very stigmatized problem.

If you think someone in your surroundings is depressed or even suicidal – talk to them. Do something! Don’t be afraid to be rejected because sometimes it’s as simple as someone needing human contact. Sometimes however, it’s very deep, ingrained, conflicted and complicated but there can be ways to help these people too.

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